Yuva Nepal Samiti

Youth of any country is both the presence and future of that country and their interests,

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virtues and thinking are the factors which decides the flow of progress, development and growth of that particular country. “Sanskar, Sanskriti and Swabhiman” is the vision of Yuva Nepal Samiti for the youth of Nepal. In the year 2019 Yuva Nepal Samiti is the organization formed with the blessings of His Holiness Swami Ji Maharaj and Most Revered Acharya Ji Maharaj for the youth of Nepal with the motive of spreading awareness about our very own Vedic culture and traditions and awaken them about their social responsibilities and to live a life filled with self respect, self awareness and self dependence so that every youth can reach the levels of that wisdom which in complete sense will help in the creation of Self dependent, prosperous and disease free Nepal.