Mission & Objectives


  • To establish ancient scriptures knowledge of Yoga& Ayurveda forhuman wellbeing throughresearch onYoga &Ayurveda.
  • To work for providing access to quality health care services for common health problems.
  • Besides imparting Yoga and health education, to set up an equalitarian society based on values of spiritualism, nationalism and justice beyond the boundaries of caste, creed, class and religion for the country’s development.


  • To propagate Pranayama as a”free medicine” for the treatment of all curable and incurable diseases around the globe, through in-depth research, accordance with the parameters of modern medical sciences, so that the everyone may avail its benefits in order to attain complete health.
  • To form a new integrated system of treatment, consisting mainly the techniques of Yoga& Ayurveda to soothe patients suffering from unbearable pains and enable them to rid of disease.
  • To start degree and diploma courses for proper education and skill development to match their skills in accordance of National &International Standards.
  • To organize Yoga camps in the country and abroad in order to propagate the Yoga, Ayurveda and Vedic Culture.
  • To promote wellness and sports in the country and make them popular through various initiative’s.
  • To study and conduct research on subjects associated withYoga, Ayurveda, Agriculture, Organic Farming, Cattle and Panchgavyas.
  • To generate employment opportunities and to provide education & skill training to matched with market and industry requirements.
  • Establishment of Medical Research Institute to work forconservation of endangeredplants with the help of local community.
  • To work for the development of agriculture, floriculture, horticulture, medicinal plants.
  • To encourage organic farming and medicinal& aromatic plant cultivation.
  • To conduct research and promote conservation & development of indigenous breed of cattle.
  • The work for the Culture & Economic liftment of the Country.