Patanjali Ayurved College

Patanjali Ayurved Medical College and Research Centre has been established at Kavrae, Dhulikhel with an aim of flourishing Yoga and Ayurveda in Nepal. The institution has comprehensive facilities for teaching and complete infrastructure for medical and allied researches.

The Research Centre is presently working on new technologies and helping toimproveexisting health infrastructure to reach every sector of the society. Ayurveda is one of the world’s oldest system of medicine also a traditional health care system of native people so with the Medical College and Research Center, Patanjali is working to make it popular with local people.

Ayurved Medical College is delivering quality education, best education practicesfor the prospective youth. The institution is well equipped

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with modern facilities. It has a huge library with wide range of book collection, variety of teaching & learning technique, specious classroom, internet facility, medical facilities, herbal garden, research facilities, computer lab, etc.